Maciej Kos 

  I am passionate about distilling insight from data. 

Brief bio

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Personal Health Informatics at Northeastern University’s Khoury College of Computer and Information Sciences and Bouvé College of Health Sciences. I am also:
- the ACM/Intel Corporation Computational and Data Sciences fellow,
- the NIH National Institute of Aging fellow (F99/K00).

Having master’s degrees in Economics from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and in Information Science from the University of Michigan, I apply my interdisciplinary expertise to creating individualized, closed-loop, computational behavior models for novel health technologies, specifically for marginalized, underrepresented populations, and older adults.

I spend most days on computationally modeling human behavior using mechanistic models grounded in cognitive psychology and psychiatry.

You will most often see me writing Python and R code.

- Academically, I am interested in extending healthspan and amplifying cognition through technology-enabled interventions and scientific discovery.
- Professionally, I focus on applying methods from HCI and computational sciences to provide interpretable and actionable insight into user behavior.

- February 2024: I am on the job market now! I recently completed my doctoral studies and I am interested in industry (research scientist, data scientist) and academic positions (post-doc, assistant professor). Links to my resume and CV are here. I am also on LinkedIn.
- August 2022: I am looking for volunteers with experience in Python or Kotlin to join my team in developing digital biomarkers of cognitive health using smartphone data. If you are interested in gaining hands-on experience in data science, ML and software engineering, please contact me via LinkedIn or email. We are a 100% remote team.
- July 2022: Do you live in the greater Boston area and are aged 45-65? If yes, consider enrolling in my paid research project ($500) focused on monitoring changes in memory and attention. For more information, visit:
- May 2022: I completed my comprehensive exam and will be on the job market in 2024.
- March 2020: I joined the MOBS lab, where I contribute to the modeling of SARS-COV-2 / COVID-19 spread using large-scale mobility data.

Media coverage
- April 2024: "Maciej Kos saw his grandmothers battle dementia. He believes phone data can help find it early."
- August 2017: "CCIS PhD Student Selected for ACM SIGHPC Data Science Fellowship"

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